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This site is for US residents 18 years of age or older.

Talk to Your Doctor About How to Manage Your Narcolepsy and Overall Health

Narcolepsy is a chronic condition that may affect your health in various ways, and your doctor is there to help. Make it a priority to discuss your risk for heart diseases and where you can reduce sodium intake, including in your prescription medication

Narcolepsy usually involves long-term treatment, so work with your doctor to address your symptoms and establish a plan for your overall health.

Choosing a treatment

Narcolepsy management should be individualized and tailored to your needs, goals, and burden of symptoms, and you should be an active participant in treatment decisions. The effect of narcolepsy on school, work, social life, safety, and relationships can help guide management.

  • Heart, body, and mind

    It’s important to be honest with your doctor about the areas of your life impacted by your narcolepsy, including heart health, your day-to-day activities (like school or work), and your mental health. Your choice in medication may depend on a variety of these factors.

Make it a priority to talk with your doctor about your risk for heart disease. Learn about a treatment option that may be right for you.